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Edge is our flagship system that provides your clients with a premium funding quote in under 60 seconds. Choose to create a quote in advance or during a client meeting.

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Our SchemePay solution provides a standalone digital solution for you to offer premium funding for insurance schemes. SchemePay is entirely hosted by us and requires minimum time to setup. This allows your clients to obtain a funding quote and apply online in minutes.

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Invoice Offering

When clients receive your invoice, you can opt to have a premium funding offer automatically built into the invoice itself. Clients who choose to fund can easily complete their application online.

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Website Offering

If your clients purchase their insurance online only, we have a digital quoting tool that integrates with your existing online facility. There are two ways we can integrate premium funding:

  1. Integrated into your website or
  2. Hosted by IQumulate Premium Funding.
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How it works

1. Quoting

Edge lets you create premium funding quotes directly in your broking system or through our website.

Monthly instalments on invoice lets you create premium funding quotes automatically.

2. Acceptance and Payment

My Account enables clients to accept loan agreements, manage their payments, and account details, through our mobile and tablet friendly service portal.

Our online offering lets you take upfront or monthly payments through your website.

SchemePay lets you take payments for schemes online, even if you manage your scheme offline.

3. Settlement

Macquarie Premium Payments (Macquarie Business Banking’s DEFT software) automatically receipts and reconciles IQumulate’s premium funding settlements between your Australian bank account and your broking system.

4. Renewals

Renew and endorse loans through Edge in just two clicks.